• Dedicated Skilled Manpower: The main strength of our company is our Skilled Human Resources. We strongly believe that without skilled and dedicated workforce, we could not be able to achieve our growth.
  • Sustainable Growth: Since its presence in the market, AG Agro has been consistently growing. Within a short time, AG Agro has achieved tremendous growth in poultry industry.
  • Brand: For years AG Agro has maintained its brand image. In every poultry markets of the country, you will see our presence with utmost farmer satisfaction.
  • Staff Training & Development: We arrange exclusive training program for our staffs to broaden their vision and prepare them fit for the job environment.
  • Ownership: We, here in AG Agro, work for the company as one of the owners, not as employee.
  • Job Security: Every staffs enjoy working here in AG Agro Industries Ltd. and everybody is welcome to share anything with anybody of the company, no matter senior or junior.